Rhona McWilliam Physiotherapy opened in January 2018.  My business logo represents the Scottish flag, where I was born and brought up.  I graduated in 2005 from Robert Gordon ​University in Aberdeen, Scotland with a Bachelor of Science degree with honors and now have 14+ years of work and student experience in Scotland, England, New Zealand and Canada.  I came to Canada in 2009 and became a proud Canadian citizen in April 2017.

What brought me to Manitoba?  I get asked this question a lot!  I met my husband while on a base camp Everest Trek in Nepal, he is originally from Stonewall, MB.  We now have 2 kids and have been living in the same house for almost 10 years.  We both enjoy the outdoors and like to spend the summers fishing and camping and the winters downhill skiing.

I have always been a keen sports enthusiast and know how it feels to be out of the game due to injury.  This led me to a career path in physiotherapy and it is incredibly rewarding to assist in the recovery process with a focus on reaching a patient's goals. This may be something as simple as putting your own shoes on again to returning to professional level sport. 

Throughout my years of working in a variety of different countries and clinics, I felt I had gained enough experience and confidence in order for me to open my own clinic.  My treatment focus has a strong emphasis on exercise.  I use an exercise program (Physitrack) that allows the patient to download an app. This allows the patient to view the exercise program (videos) from their phone or tablet.
  However, I also use passive treatments such as acupuncture, soft tissue massage, TENs and rocktape applications to help alleviate pain.

I am a certified McKenzie therapist after passing the exam in Ottawa in July 2019.  Parts A-D were completed in Aberdeen (Scotland), Halifax, Montreal and Toronto.   If you'd like to learn more about the McKenzie Method, please visit www.mckenzieinstitute.org/patients/what-is-the-mckenzie-method/. Other post graduate training includes acupuncture (Acupuncture Canada), FMS (Functional Movement System) and SFMA Selective Functional Movement System, Orthopedic Medicine Diploma (peripheral module),  and RockTaping.

I really enjoy my work and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  My clinic set up allows for very private and flexible appointments, I like to ensure I have ample time for assessments and follow ups.  Appointments are always one-on-one and I will be available for the entire duration of your appointment.  Feel free to phone, text or email with any questions or to find out if physiotherapy can help you.


Using physitrack offers our patients the latest technologies to help you achieve your outcomes.  To create your tailored exercise programs we use a brand new app called PhysiApp. PhysiApp lets you complete your prescribed exercise program by following crystal-clear, narrated exercise videos. PhysiApp is completely free to download from the App store and Google Play store or can be accessed via your browser. Built-in reminders help you to stay on track towards a better you!

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